Receive instant notification via SMS, email or phone call if your vehicle is causing an obstruction, has been involved in an accident or is about to be ticketed by a traffic warden.

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A solution to traffic troubles. 

Members of the public can use their smartphone to send you an instant notification through Driver's Friend™.

Get notified by text, phone call or email...

if your car has been damaged, you're about to get a ticket or you've unintentionally blocked or boxed someone in.

When ordering your Driver’s Friend ™ tell us whether you would like to receive notifications via text, phone call or email.

Once you've received your Driver’s Friend™ simply place the smart sticker on the inside of your car window and you're good to go.


In 2016 UK motorist paid out £756m in parking fines.

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Reduce parking fines.

Motorists now have a 10 minute "grace period" from the time their parking ticket expires before they can be given a fine or penalty charge notice (PCN) by a warden. 

With Driver’s Friend™ fellow motorist and pedestrians can contact you as soon as a traffic warden is near your car, helping you reduce parking fines.



Over 16,000 hit and run cases last year.


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"Hit and run incidents cost UK motorist  £240 million each year.."

— Motor Insurance Bureau